Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Co op

Ok, so I missed a day. Sue me.

Yesterday was the first day of Co -op for the kids. Everyone at our church homeschools so we decided to start a co op once a week for the kids to do some fun classes together. They have art, latin and science. The kids, Joffre and Renata, had a great time being in "school" with all their friends.I was happy to let another painter at our church do the art teaching. They made coil pots out of playdoh and learned how to say hello and goodye in latin.

I'm excited with the things we can do with the co op. Like I hope we can have a sewing class and teaching the kids some dances for our yearly ball, etc.. Fun times ahead.

Renata was so cute. She went home and made a picture for one of her teachers, Mrs. Costner. (Karla, if you read this pretend some surprise.) I remember loving my teachers and wanting them to like me. I was such a goody goody. Ah...the memories.

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