Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have become cheap. I confess. I started garage saling and thrift store shopping and now I am so unwilling to buy new things. I had a great haul at the thrift store yesterday. I usually don't get things I am looking for but rather things I was looking for or things I know I'll want or need later but yesterday I got things I wanted right now. It was awesome. Things you think you will have to buy new like paint rollers for house painting, file folder trays, etc.. Nope I got em' super cheap at the thrift store.

I have at least 2 Christmas presents for each of my 4 kids hidden under the bed (and I mean nice wooden toys or Little Pet Shop big thingys) and I paid less than 7.00 for all of them. It's kind of a high not to have to waste/spend a lot of money on things like toys. It's also nice to see these things being reused. Clothes (except Joffre's - not enough gigantic people around) and all our homeschooling books are also things I get great deals on. I got 2 complete Saxon Math sets (the Math I use for homeschooling) for $5.00 yesterday too. They are normally at least $50 for the whole set used. Yep I'm feelin' proud of myself like us ridiculously frugal people do. I just hope I don't become one of those people who talk about how much things cost all the I better end this post.


kendra said...

awesome. You have every right to be excited - what great deals! :-)

MLS said...

I love a good deal myself!! Kudos!

Kimberly said...

I still remember you telling me how much you had gotten something on sale at Old Navy after I complimented you on it. Fond memories of school rides.