Monday, August 17, 2009

Elephant Feeding

If you have been keeping up to date with my blog then you read about my brilliant plan to keep Georgie occupied while I homeschool the 2 elder kids. If not here is a recap. I hand George some stuffed animals and create tasks for him to take care of them. Joffre has dubbed him The Zookeeper even though that makes me think of a Stephen King novel ( I told you I was having a hard time being positive today.)

So today Georgie pulled out his animals and said he was going to take care of them. So I told him he needed to feed them and give them their nap. So Georgie grabs the elephant, lifts his shirt and lets the elephant suckle his chest. I had a hard time not bursting out laughing. He gave each animal their feeding and put them to bed but I was so distracted by his antics I had a hard time teaching the lesson. Hmmm....plan B.

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