Friday, August 14, 2009


So I am homeschooling Joffre Jr and Renata this year. This means it takes quite a bit longer and George has time with no one to play with. I decided to come up with some activities for him while the kids do their schoolwork.

So last night I had a brilliant plan. I put 3 small stuffed animals in a pillow case. In the morning I gave them to George and told him he had to find food for the animals. He smiled big and went off with lots of gusto. He found fake food and gave it to the animals. I got Joffre's math done. Then I told George the animals needed a nap. could he put them to bed, please? He grimaced but put the in a box and made snore noises. Joffre finished his worksheet. George came back for more. I told him to excersise the animals by walking them around the living room table 3 times. (Do you see the brilliance of this grows...I could keep this up all day. I know all about being a caretaker and all it's endless tasks.)

But this is where George decided he did not want to be a caretaker and thought to himself, " Mom really thinks I am going to walk around the table 3 times with a bunch of stuffed animals." Outwardly he grimaced and whined. That is when I had to deal with a minor tantrum, spank, and grumpy child lying at my feet sucking his thumb and twisting his hair while I did Renata's math lesson. So much for my brilliant plan. That's when I thought about my plan for tomorrow...a bean bag's going to be awesome.....

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