Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bat Barf

Have you noticed I have made a resolution to blog once a day except Sunday (it's the day of naps.)
It is good for me to blog and put something happy up once a day. I consider it counting my blessings.

So anyway I heard words I never wanted to hear out of my daughter's mouth today.
Yes, that's right out of no where Renata turns to me and says, " Mom, what is bat barf?"

Me: " I have no idea. What did you just say?" (Imagine how you would deal with that with no context.)

Renata: " What is bat barf? I read it in Calvin and Hobbes."

Me (the light bulb has turned on.) : " Oh, bat barf. It's like when a bat throws up, vomits. Was that from some part where Calvin describes his lunch to Susie?"

This of course led to a semi discussion about why Calvin wanted to be disgusting. Whew.

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