Saturday, April 30, 2011

Before and After





I used Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane fabric for the first chair and clear plastic on top. I used a vintage fabric I found at a garage sale for the second and clear plastic. I'm thinking about painting the second chair ( it's very scratched up) but definitely like the first one unpainted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thrift Store Find

 3 dollars for this fun chair. I am already in the process of reupholstering 3 other chairs. So I will add this one to the pile. I just need to decide whether to paint it or not. I am inclined to paint it...or....not... I can't decide. Give me your vote please!
This is a slightly blurry picture of the nest necklace I made for Renata for Easter because she liked mine. Hers is much smaller and I used the more traditional pearl beads for hers but in 3 slightly different colors. She loved it. So sweet.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Planning Part 2

I am trying to put my finishing touches on Easter. We found a dress for Renata and the Easter baskets are all ready to go except the chocolate bunnies I keep forgetting to get. I actually just keep trying to get them without the children seeing them but hasn't happened yet.We dyed our eggs and I am going to do the Resurrection Eggs thingy tomorrow (we usually do this all week because the kids love it but I just got sidetracked a bit this year so just two days.)

I made a necklace for myself that I can't decide if I like. Too big? Here in the South big in jewelry = good but I am not sure I am convinced. I finished a spring wreath and ...drum roll please...I finally finished my Easter banner!!!!!(Sorry the picture is so lousy. You can actually see all the letters and lilies well in person.)

At our church we have a big lamb or pig roast for Easter and we all just bring sides. It is nice not to have the pressure of preparing a whole meal. I just have to think up a great salad and I'm bringin' Sangria!It is supposed to be in the 80s. Fun Times.

And next week we have our Resurrection Ball. Which I can't think about yet because I need to finish Easter fun first. Now I have to go wash my hands because I smell like cow manure from working in the garden all day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I just want to recommend a great book about raising young children with a lot of practical advice from not only a christian prospective but a wise one (a very important addition). It is Loving the Little Years Mothering in the Trenches by Rachel Jancovic. I knew Rachel before she was married and she was a cool chick then but now she has had 5 kids including twins in 4-5 years(?). Which makes her a lot cooler. It is a fast and easy read and really helpful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



The garden

I decided to make raised beds this year. So I got Joffre to haul lots of wood for me and cut wood for me and sledge hammer some stakes in the ground. Then I got busy drilling and screwing boards together. I am very excited.

We are almost done with them and while I wait till we can finish them I planted some more blueberries (and hooked them up to my rain barrel irrigation system that hopefully will work) , had the kids dividing Irises, and am trying to propagate hydrangeas. Very busy. I don't want to be inside because it is so lovely outside ( which doesn't bode well for homeschooling).

I have been reading an Edible Landscaping book by Rosalind Creasy. I really want to lose my lawn and have plants everywhere. Slowly but surely...

Soon I will be singing the "I hate weeds and pests" song but for now I love spring!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


George has started Kindergarten and is very proud of the fact. He wanted me to take this picture of him with the pencil behind his ear.Part of the curriculum we use has the kids put things they find around the house that start with the letter they are learning in a pillow case/bag. We were learning the letter "b" and George decided to put his entire Bat Cave toy ( a favorite) in his bag. It barely fit but he persevered. Then he continued to find every Batman thing he had and try to put it in the bag too. I think "b" will be a favorite letter for awhile.


Ward is very big into making "caterpillars" with his blocks right now. He is very particular about any one of the blocks being out of place on his caterpillars. He is also very good at pronouncing "caterpillar" but does it slowly which makes it super cute. It's another one of those times I try to make him say it over and over because it charms me.


Joffre took the kids camping in the yard yesterday. I love when he does this. Especially because I get the bed to myself. ( Though, that didn't happen this time. I got a horizontal sleeping 2 year old in bed with me.)

The kids get so excited and think every part of it is fascinating ("Mom, they make these clips on the camping lanterns so you can hook them into the tent and the tent has a hook for them!")

We got some cute candle lanterns at Ikea that he let them light and go star gazing with when it was dark. It is also just fun to see Joffre fit into a tent.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My New Wreath

I saw these at Pottery Barn and a wreath like it and decided to make my own. I bought some wooden eggs and painted them. I bought a branch of faux leaves ( I had no idea how expensive fake flowers were!) I bought one branch and had some reindeer moss. I added some plum tree branches from my yard and hot glued this puppy together.

New Things

 Here are some of the new things I got from Pottery Barn while my mom was here. A really pretty new quilt and shams. George and Ward wanted to show you how comfy they are.

 A new rug. I love love these sisal ones. They don't show stains much and keep dirt from tracking everywhere. I got a nice smaller one for my front door that I really needed to keep the dirt from getting in the house. George also wanted you to see the new car puzzle Grandma brought him that he did on my floor.
 The boys just decided they needed to be in every picture. So even though this is for you to see the cool green clay lantern in the background there are children making kissy faces at you in the foreground.

And last is the terrarium I got for Christmas but couldn't fit in my car to bring home. It is super fun and is already full of my seeds. I feel like my house was redone in one day.

Days of old

Joffre Jr. was talking to Renata and I yesterday and said, " Jake was born in 1999!" I looked at him waiting for what exactly he was getting at when he burst out with, "You know, in the old fashioned days!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Visit from Mom and Dad


I just had a really nice visit with my Mom and Dad. We ate out,went to see Tangled, went shopping, went to the park and just hung out with the kiddos. Nice to go out so much and have two extra pairs of arms around. My Dad was determined to show George how to put his shoes on the right feet. I finked out on photos again but here are a couple. I'll show some of my new stuff from Pottery Barn ( my Mom works there) that we got in another post .