Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well we are back from West Palm Beach. We had a great Christmas. It was 80 degrees and sunny and I loved it. It was 40 degrees, rainy, and everything was dead when we left and it was just as ugly when we got back. Sigh, I had started thinking about my garden and painting the railing on my porch. I got to see an old friend and was so happy to see her(psst, Lauren that's you!). We got all kinds of great loot. I think our toy bin doubled, groan. Does anyone actually keep there kid's toys organized? We will probably never try to do an all night drive again. We thought the kids would sleep through the whole trip . That was until we stopped for gas and turned around. Three pairs of wide grumpy eyes greeted us and two thumbs were being vigorously sucked on to no avail. They stayed awake till 4am before nodding off! Not happy campers. The 12 hours on the way back in daylight went much better. I am a loser because I didn't take pictures but I'll get some from my Mom and post them soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So yesterday we had our women's Christmas brunch and my kids went over to the Sumpter's to play while I went to the brunch. Pastor Sumpter watched the kids while his wife, Jenny and I went to the brunch. On the way to the Sumpter's house I did the usual prep with the kids: obey pastor Sumpter and say "Yes, sir.", no whining, etc. After I'm done there is a moments silence then Renata pipes up, "Mom, does Pastor Sumpter have a job?"

I about died laughing and immediately told all the company I saw that day. It is especially funny because Toby not only pastors us but also teaches kids online and is getting his doctorate.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

We have been sick all week and it has been lousy! I found this illustator, Mike Dutton on his Etsy site and it cheered me up. This is one of his prints. Here are a few other fun things I've been checking out.
Embroidered hair asscesories.

Lauren's Flannery O'Conner buttons that we will soon be selling in our bookstore. Yea!

English Yew coasters. I love wood.

I couldn't resist this "wee folk" door for your tree. How fun is that.