Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Garden Plans

I have been having a great time drawing out my garden plans for the yard. The kids think it's super cool. Which makes it even more fun. They keep asking, "what is going to go here, Mom?" and "What's that supposed to be?" I think they are looking for a treasure in the map too.

These are two drawings. The top and bottom are the same larger one and the middle one is one I did of the side yard. The hard part is that much of this is in place now but the plants are teeny tiny. So now we just have to wait.....


Here are a few pictures from our soccer season.. The two older two really got a lot better this year especially Renata. Last year she was so timid but this year she was blocking the kids big than  her with gusto. Joffre did really well and was very gungho. He's even more excited about basketball. And George was a little Fire Ant ( the name of his team). He scored most of his teams goals and just ran the entire game but remained the most excited about getting a snack at the end..