Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chart Jungle

Well I'm happy to say we are not sick. After a long time of being sick the world looks lovelier and greener. Now I'm waiting for the much needed rain to let up so I can do some planting. I'm so

We also just found a local dairy that sells eggs and milk for great prices. You can even bring your kids there to help with the "chores" like collecting eggs.

I also found a web site, Chart Jungle, that has a bunch of fun charts to use for homeschooling, chores, etc. ( And who can resist the name Chart Jungle.) Thought I'd share. Charts are not usually my thing, but with homeschooling I am starting to need a little more rigid schedule. I made charts from their Rainbow Chart for each of the kids. Georgie's was just for potty training. If he goes in the potty each day he gets a sticker on his chart and if he has all of them by the end of the week he gets a piece of candy on Sunday. The other kids got more responsibilities like brushing their teeth and picking up their rooms. So I showed it to George and even before I had finished explaining it to him his pants were off and he was on the potty. It was cute but sad because then I had to explain we were at the next level. He had to go all week on the potty for candy. The other kids were just as excited. Joffre went up to try to make his bed.

I'm also trying to get Easter together. I have slowly been collecting stuff for their baskets and making plans. We'll see what the next few weeks bring.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Garden Time

We went from snow to 70 degree weather and it's heavenly. I got my blueberries and planted them. I started my seeds and made me a garden journal. The windows are open and there is a slight breeze. Life is good. Good bye winter. (A sad thought for Grandpa Swait in the land of eternal winter! You'll have to visit again soon.)