Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Joffre and George were playing with play doh and Joffre said, " Look Mom, a car." He held up a blob of pink doh. A few minutes later, "Hey Mom, Look a house." (I promise you it was the same blob.) Next it was a cake.

He also was explaining two of my paintings to George. "Yeah that one is Daddy eating paper and over there Mommy is getting cooked." I must seem to have a horrific mind to my poor children. ( The paintings are actually Joffre imitating ezekiel eating a scroll and the other is me in a golden bowl of incense, a reference to a passage in revelation that are prayers are like a golden bowl of inscense in front of the throne of God. I actually scratched my prayers in the paint of the background.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been working on this painting possibly for my living room. I have an idea for a triptych painting that I would construct like a quilt. It would be made of shapes with patterns in them and each panel would be another color scheme with some repeating patterns. i don't know if this sounds exciting in words but what is in my head excites me. I still can't figure out how to take good pictures of my work without a glare.

Monday, January 12, 2009


What I've Been Doing

Making cloth diapers. Not bad for the first one.

Making Sketchbooks and journals. Tried using felt for the cover of one but it needs some tweeking.
I'm working on a reproducible garden journal I might try to sell on Etsy. The only problem is that I'm not a perfectionist about my journal making.

I'm also starting the Living Room Project. I'll blog about that when something actually gets done on it.

And here are my lastest thrift store finds:A great basket, it is nicer than the picture shows. (I'm a baskaholic. They are only a dollar at our thrift store here and I pick up every nice one I can find. That's as much as a gift bag and who wouldn't rather have a basket over a gift bag? Because baskets are awesome. I digress.) A hand quilted twin blanket with a fun 70's floral print. I found 3 of these. I'm going to try to sell 2 on Etsy. They were only $6 each! Rock the Casbah! This old travel case is also going on Ebay. I think these are great for storage and this one is in a fun color. I also got a linen table cloth I dyed dark brown and 2 sets of curtains that I'm I haven't decided what color to dye. It was an overall good sweep.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brian Kershisnik

Here is a painter, Brian Kershisnik I really liked looking at who has made such titles as Mother and Child (above) and Nativity fresh. That is a sign of a good painter. The tension he creates in the composition by cutting off the girl's body is exciting. He has a nice texture to his work . I'd love to see these in person.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye, Silver Chair

We have had to make the decision to close our bookstore, The Silver Chair. This is very sad for us. We don't now exactly what our plans our for the future at this time but we have a lot of ideas. I'll keep everyone updated. The store will probably close for good sometime in February. In the meantime we will be marking down all our inventory to move it out so please come buy some books.