Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Bookstore

Well I've been painting at the bookstore. We are having the necessary renovations done to make the place handicap accessible. They are putting in a counter and sinks for the coffee bar and register. I'm painting the children's room so I can get cracking on the mural. We are having the hard wood floors in two of the rooms refinished.(Why would anyone carpet hardwood floors?)

It's getting pretty exciting. I'll be really excited when I get to work on the mural. I have totally enjoyed the change of scenery, not being at home with the kids and fooling around with paint. Then coming home to Joffre making dinner (fried chicken yum!) and my kids saying, "mommy mommy!" and giving me a big hug. Very nice indeed.

I love painting a room for the final product. It is making me resolve to paint my mint green and pink bathroom that I have been planning on painting for months. I'll post some pictures soon.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dumpster Diving

Today I went dumpster diving at my neighbor's and got a huge big box. Yep, a big cardboard box. I cut out a door, window, and skylight and waited for the kids to wake up. Joffre Jr. was first up. He walked up to my creation, inspected the inside, and said, "Wow mom, that's clever." I am totally quoting him. He picks up Britishisms from Kipper. Anyway, soon the kids were all
playing in the new "house."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On A Raft to Antarctica

Recently I came to the realization how necessary it is for parents to teach their kids to play. I tend to want my kids to be independent of me as soon as they are able in most things, but I realized they still need me to teach them how to play with their toys and how to imagine senarios for make believe. Basically, I am on a crusade to play with my kids a bit more.

So today we made rafts out of blankets on the carpet and we went to Antarctica. I had the kids pack for the trip. You know, potatoes, blankets, pillow, Noah's ark toy, etc. Whatever they could cram on the raft came. They got into the spirit and started pointing out penguins and whales. Renata kept saying "Brrrrrr.. it's cold here in Antarctica," and then asking for some of the cheese crackers she brought onto the raft.( Much smarter choice than her brother who brought the potatoes.) Their favorite part was when Joffre fell into the "water" and we had to drag him back into the raft. He there after kept fling himself overboard. He also shot at crocodiles with his potatoes because he left his gun in his room where his brother was napping. ( You didn't know there were crocodiles in Antarctica?) Fun was had by all.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I get a bit irritated hearing about contentment because women studies love to dish it out generously to us ladies, but this post by Valerie really stirred me to thought and conviction. Bettering oneself and ones circumstances can become an obsession. A self centered obsession.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


I saw this picture online by Ted Nasmith from the Hobbit or Fellowship and wished I were there. Especially because it is cool enough to sit outside or lose oneself in a cool forest. It has been so hot we've been stuck in the house a lot. It is a shame so much land around here is private. There aren't many lakes or parks open to the public. My family used to spend summers hiking in Montana and the parks and places open to the public are so beautiful there. Even the small ones. It is also cooler. Can't wait for a little fall. I love how God makes you desire each season by the time it comes around and long for the last to be done. I never think I'll want winter but I'm starting to look forward to it right now.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fighting the Bad Guys

Joffre Jr ran up to me yesterday saying, "I got my sword and my purse, Mom. I'm off to fight bad guys," and proceed to run into his room brandishing his sword with a purse on his shoulder. He's two and has an older sister! Not a word, people, not a word! I managed to get a picture.

My other son at 10 months old is walking around the house, climbing stairs, and making his mother go gray (not really, though Joffre has quite a bit already=). But George's newest trick is to stand or sit on the kid's rocking chair we have. It's cute when he sits and nerve racking when he stands on it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mr. Beaver

Joffre and I had a talk about getting Renata a pet. We decided on fish to start. I then proceeded to nap. When I woke up I heard Renata and Joffre in her room and walked in to be greeted by a guinea pig twitching it's nose at me from it's box. Uh.....?
He is named Mr. Beaver. I was a bit disappointed that Renata picked one without the funky hairdo. He's very smooth but has nice colors. He's cute.Anyway, here is our newest member of the family.

Renata's Dress

I bought this dress for Renata for $6 at a thrift store and really love it. I decided to draw it and put the drawings on some handmade journals I'm making for the bookstore. I was bummed because I did a nice drawing I liked but I did it with a pencil that was too light for the copier. So I have to do another go.

Carrots and Red Pepper

It took forever to turn red. No wonder they are so much more expensive.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Good Eats

I know I am behind the times but I finally watched the show Good Eats from the Food Network. My husband and sister-in-law love this show and I really liked it myself. I don't like to cook but I like good food so I work on being a good cook. I love when I've done something a million times and can mindlessly cook. I like putting my mind to asthetics- art related stuff, decorating, etc. I even like cleaning better than cooking because it makes my house look good. I even think about my gardening this way. I like the garden to look good and pest and diseases make the plants look bad. I'm a bit unbalanced towards the visual side of life. Anyway, I digress. Good Eats is such a great show. Alton Brown is funny and likes good food but is very reasonable about what equipment you have on hand and costs. He tells you history and fun facts about all kinds of things in the show.

My mother-in -law was known for her great hospitality, foremost her cooking. She loved to cook and made it look so easy. People loved to come to her table and I want to emulate this aspect of her.She taught me most of my cooking skills but I still stress about it. I am formulating a plan to be a better cook without hating the process. First I am going to watch a lot of Good Eats. Next I am going to try out a the same cut of meat once a week for a month. (I think getting the meat really tasty is the trickiest part. So meat is my priority.) Lastly I am going to start having people over a least once a week consistently. Wish me luck.