Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ward is 2

Ward is 2 and loves cars especially from Cars the movie.He is talking a ton. That is a lot of fun and it is so nice when they can communicate. I should cut his hair but it is so cute and curly I am procrastinating. I am now birthdayed out and glad the next one is in February.


We have Renata and Joffre in soccer for the first time.( Sorry there are none of Joffre. I just haven't loaded them yet.) It has been fun to watch them and hard on Mama. I never thought I would be one of those parents on the sidelines trying to yell directions to my kids but I did. Renata is the youngest on her team and has had 2 games so far. She has a great coach which I am very thankful. She is doing great but is a little timid so far. Her sweet mother ( that would be me) could not believe how much she wanted to yell, "run", Get in there" Kick em" to her. I seriously had to bite my tongue. This is especially ridiculous because I never played team sports and was very timid and shy. Joffre Jr. is doing great and very gregarious. At his age they all just clump around the ball and kick it. He looks super cute and was so excited. Renata told me her favorite part was getting a snack afterwards (usually cookies her mom wouldn't buy.)

A Gift

I was given a monetary present that I had to spend on myself recently. So I started searching Craigslist and thrift stores for an armoire to hide out T.V. and stereo stuff and give me more storage. I will mention here that our 115 year old house only has 3 small closets.This has been a big challenge for me because I am a little bit of a pack rat. I have lots of supplies to make all kinds of things because I like to make all kinds of things but it is tough in a house without closets. So my favorite piece of furniture right now is an armoire. I need about 50 to store all our stuff. Anyway, I got this one with my gift and it's great. It's unfinished pine so if the urge every strikes me I can paint it. Right now I like it unfinished.The other pictures are the "before" pictures of how I was storing the stuff. I will try to get a better whole living room shot when I get the pictures back up on the walls.

George is 4

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Denise Cordova

I have a new niece, Denise Cordova. Yea!!!!!

Funny Photos

We are all sick here with a cold and these funny photos from pioneer woman's funny photos contest really cheered me up.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ward is almost 2 and has recently attached to a kangaroo. We would pretend to make the kangaroo hop around him saying"hop, hop hop." So he adapted the kangaroo to Hop-a-roo. It is so freaking adorable to see him walking around with this big kangaroo saying, "Hop-a-roo" that I had to share.