Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easter Planning

Spring is in the air- tulips blooming, seeds started and time to start thinking about Easter. We want Easter and Christmas to be our two big holidays of celebration in our house. For some reason it is much easier to decorate and find things for Christmas than Easter. Mostly because of the nature of Easter I suppose. I am trying to get away from the Easter bunny and eggs (we still do colored eggs). So I started this banner and I am close to finishing the hand work on it.  It has two lilies on the ends and the says "He is Risen" on strips of linen. I hope to finish it next week. I am also considering making these cute little lamb pillows.

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mamajen said...

Oh my I saw those the other day and I am planning on those for the kids Easter adorable! Your banner looks great! I have one in the making, but it is mostly crosses..the lilies are beautiful!