Friday, March 11, 2011


Lots of home projects going on in the Swait Household. I have been reading lots of articles about how to fix things yourself ,etc.and after printing out lots of these articles I started my first one.

I decided to change my garden spigot outside. It looked like one of the easier projects. So I read to twist off the old spigot and I read that sometimes they are tough to get off. So I twisted and twisted and twisted hard. It was turning! Yea!! (and yes, I did turn the water off.) Then I saw that the spigot was soldered to a copper pipe and it was the pipe that was twisting not the spigot. I hadn't read anything about soldered spigots!!!! So the long and short of it was that I twisted the soft copper piping in half and our wonderful friend had to come solder it shut till we could replace the whole pipe. It was not a huge repair but it was so disheartening to bomb on my first home DIY repair!

I was pretty leery after my spigot episode but I was determined to persevere. So I decided to make my own rain barrel from a barrel my friend gave me. If I messed that up it wouldn't be a big deal. It totally worked (see my shiny new spigot I caulked to death on my rain barrel?) and we had a ton of rain this week and my barrel is full. I am excited to hook up a soaker hose to it and see how far I can get it to water my plants just by using gravity's force.

Next up: Kim's adventures in drywalling!
We are fixing some things in the bathrooms and it is getting interesting.

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