Monday, July 4, 2011

Swait's Super Summer Soiree

 Joffre and I decided to have a big party this summer, the Swait's Super Summer Soiree. We brought home some furniture from our old bookstore and got out some decorations. I made 3 big pots of Fejioada, a Brazilian stew of pork and black beans. We bought some rum for mojitos and beer. I started preparing for the fun early in the day.
 I hung paper lanterns and some of the colorful banners I made for parties.

 I cut some hydrangeas from the hedge of them we have at the old store ( they  are huge and beautiful.) This is one of tables from the store I repainted with chalkboard paint on top because the top was a mess.
 My friend had the brilliant idea of putting my too small chalkboard painted door in the yard for the kids to draw on outside.

I was all set and rained!!! The bane of all outdoor parties. I had to take all this down and try to reset up 10 minutes before the party (no joke 10 minutes!). I was all for canceling but Joffre was determined to make it work. So we reset up on our porch and in our carport and it all worked out. I was just a little flustered and out of breath when everyone arrived. My neighbor came and helped out setting up all the food stuff (you are awesome Amie!). My good friend from out of town arrived and it was so terrific seeing her and her family. Later in the evening we were able to move everyone back out to the backyard and had a great time. Yeah!!!

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Jennifer said...

What fun! Love the name - of course a Swait party would be alliterated...