Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last Airbender....again

Friends gave us the entire set of the Avatar The Last Airbender animated series and we have been watching a couple of those episodes a day to go through the series. It is so fun and so much better than the live action movie. We've already seen it but it's so fun. I have to catch myself from watching them again.

In the show the characters use elements( fire, earth, water or air) to fight bad guys.My kids have decided what kind of element bender they want to be. So Renata is a water bender, Joffre is an earth bender and George is an air bender. So they go around making karate like motions and pretend to fight each other with whatever they can supposedly "bend". I saw Ward making motions too but couldn't quite figure out what he had chose to fight with. So I went up close to ask and he was saying, "Apa" Apa. This is hilarious because Apa is the giant flying bison the characters ride to go places in the show. Bison power!

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