Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet June

I have had such craziness going on at my house. Mostly good craziness just all happening at once. We have a new member of the family, June the Kitty as Ward calls her. He says the whole thing. My neighbor's daughter who I love (as demonstrated by this story) came over holding this kitten. She said, "I found her in the gutter crying." And as she hands it to me, "We're allergic."  I will ignore that I held out my arms and said, "oh poor thing lets feed her."

It all my neighbor's fault that I now have a new cat. That's 3!And this is the best part- I have mice again and they are not catching them! Lazy ...well fed...furballs.

We are also getting some other new animals that a friend wanted to get rid of but I will leave that as a surprise for later.

I love the spot on her next to her nose. Should have named her Cindy after Cindy Crawford and her big mole.

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Anonymous said...

Next time Emily knocks on your door DON'T ANSWER IT!