Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Update

 I was very excited to get a Knock Out rose plant on sale at Lowes. They are so disease resistant you can treat them like any other shrub and don't have to spray them. Now i am looking for a disease resistant climbing rose.
 This butternut squash plant is growing beautifully while my other two are definitely on the decline. This has 8 growing on it and the other two gave me 4 fruit together.
 This is celiosa? flower. They are usually about 6 inches high but these are 2 feet! I have had the same thing happen with marigolds. They are just now about to flower.

These are my cantaloupe and pumpkin plants which are actually twice as big now. This was a picture from last week. i only have to cantaloupe growing on them though. No pumpkins forming yet. I am hoping the heat doesn't kill them.

 This is my cucumber plant that was giving me beautiful looking cucumbers that tasted awful! They are so bitter. We got a few nice ones at the beginning and then I think it just hated the heat. I pulled them out last night.
 My zinnias are 4 feet tall and still pretty.
 My tomatoes are stressed by the heat but still giving me 8 tomatoes or so every 3 days. They are sprawling everywhere because my cages didn't hold them up.
And here is the worst garden pest ever...the squash bug. I kill 5 a day of these monsters and still they come. They have to be squished by hand (with gloves on of course) because they don't respond to organic pesticides. I don't pay my kids for chores but I offered 10 cents a bug if they killed any squash bugs.Joffre Jr eagerly has been searching for them  and got one last night. I'm thinking of offering M and Ms too.

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