Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meet the Girls

So a friend of mine got 4 chickens as chicks and raised them for a time. Then when they reached coop size decided it wasn't a good time buy a coop and wanted to get rid of them. I was excited to get free chickens when all the hardest part ( raising them from chicks) was done. I have been debating it for awhile and decided I did want to walk out my door and get great fertilizer and fresh eggs. So we rushed to put together a coop from an old shed at our bookstore. And now we have 4 new girls in the family. Let me introduce you.

This is Sunshine ( the kids named them with our approval.) I think she is lowest in the pecking order and she is the smallest.

This is Marigold who is the the most adventurous and first out the door when we open it.

Here is Luna, I think. She is the largest and can fly up to the perches now.

And lastly is Speckle.

Here is our coop. I think I will paint door the same red as my trellises .

George is demonstrating our door that opens to the nesting boxes I built inside. These hens are still a few months too young to lay but hopefully we will get some this fall. I am doing everything I can to keep them cool enough to make it through the summer heat. We are still working out the making of a run right now. We let them in the yard for now with the kids watching and shut them in at night but I have had to catch them a few times now and I am looking forward to having a run they can go into on their own.


Jennifer said...

No rooster?

Love the new layout, by the way!

kendra said...

YAY! So jealous. I can't wait to meet them! :-)