Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Be a Cat

Two things that make me slow down  and remember it is all going to be OK.

1. My cat. He finds the coziest places and naps through loud pretend gun and car noises and even pokes by fat baby fingers.  He rubs on my legs while I am running to catch a spill with a towel and yawns while my 2 year old throws a tantrum. It helps me to yawn too.

2. My 93 year old neighbor. She is such a blessing to me. We visit her and everything slows down. I have to be careful not to yawn too much at her house because it relaxes me so much. (NOT because she is boring.) She wants to know how all the neighbors are and what are plans for Christmas are. I am mentally trying to push out thoughts about all I have to pack and what groceries to take  and tell her who we get to visit this year. She shows me the cute boxes she bought to put cookies for my kids in and I sit and change batteries for her and show her how to adjust the color on her TV.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Great reminders, especially during the holiday season! I need a cat, too...