Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Kid's Presents

 Ward got this fun Thomas the train foldout playhouse. He loves trains right now.
 Joffre Jr. got this pack of army figures from WW2 including Japanese, German, American and British troops (he was slightly disappointed with how many dead guys were in the British troops.) He sets up the armies all over the floor and has mock battles.

Here are some of the fun things the kids got and love.
 George got a pretend guitar and is crazy about it. (He really likes banjos but all I could find for pretend was the electric guitar, go figures.)
 Renata made out like a bandit. My Mom is working at Pottery Barn and got her a lot of neat stuff including this great flower canopy and a new bed quilt.The picture doesn't do it justice. The canopy looks really great. She also got a play iron and vacuum. She also got a really cute play kitchen from Grandpa Swait. She is very excited because we spruced up her room a bit with all her new stuff.

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