Sunday, December 5, 2010

 I have been trying to recreate a studio space lately and get more organized. This is what I have so far. You can see my corn/ raccoon painting I am working on.

I rearranged my room, the living room and my kitchen last month. Trying hard to get all our stuff to fit in our house the best way possible.  I think this will be a lifelong struggle. I also need to stop getting new hobbies.
( Did I mention I am getting a jigsaw for Christmas. I want to try furniture making.=)
 This is an old printing press drawer my Dad let me steal from him. I put my thread in it and love messing with the colors- I think it will help me in painting too.
 This is a little gathered clutch that took me forever to make.I just kept making mistakes. The worst part is that I cut out 3 more I need to finish. hopefully the will go more smoothly.

Two new necklaces. Not sure if I like the red and gray one yet. I'll have to try it out with some clothes. It's very sparkly ( you can't tell in the picture ).
 Lots of Christmas bags and presents I can't divulge yet. So excited about Christmas. We are going to decorate our tree, open one present and make Christmas cookies today !!! Woohoo!

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