Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Cool Stuff I Got for Christmas

 My Mom got me these fun Star Wars pancake molds and a new Le Creuset Pot for making stews. I have already made 2 dishes in it.She also got me a really neat terrarium and a rug but it was too big to bring in our car so she is bringing it up on her next visit.

 A jigsaw that I wanted from the Hubster.
 This is a neat book that tells you what flavors are good combinations for cooking from the in laws.

This is a really special gift my Husband commissioned for me from a good friend of our family. It is a portrait of our family with slight character fun added. The artist, Brad Hagen, also had a vision to add holes and blood where they would have been on the Crucifixion that fall down on the family. A very cool portrait.

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