Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Woes

I try to keep this blog upbeat and full of my blessings but today I am letting myself share my woes( the less obvious blessing). Don't worry it isn't depressing only crazy.

So Georgie started throwing up on Sunday morning. He threw up a few times and then seemed totally fine- no fever, eating. He went to bed and the next day I thought all was well...till he informed me at 1pm that he had thrown up all over his bed. Grossness. I still thought it was done because all of Monday he eat without trouble. Then at 10pm that night he puked all down our stairs..Oh My.....that was rough! That one will go down in Swait history ( at least my version). He was totally fine the rest of Tuesday (yesterday)but didn't want to eat much. Then he threw up again that night at 10pm again. So weird-no fever.We are waiting on pins and needles to see if we will have to delay our trip to FL for Christmas this Sunday.

In the midst of all this I found my kitchen sinks clogged only to realize the pipes connecting to the kitchen outside were frozen- six feet of pipe. I tried wrapping them in a towel and pouring hot water on them. Then I went back to the kitchen and got the next batch . I found the water I had already poured was hanging like icicles on the pipe. Yeah...not cool. So I am trying new options today.

So like a pioneer we have been doing dishes in the tub in a washtub. A least I have running water. The kids have enjoyed helping with the drying and that was fun to watch. Even Ward got into it -carrying things to the kitchen table.

Keep us in your prayers- if more of my kids get sick it is going to be really tough to go to FL for Christmas.

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