Monday, April 16, 2007

Thrifty Finds

I've never been much of a bargain hunter, but I'm being tutored by my neighbor, Amy, and some church members. So I've been making biweekly pilgrimages to the thrift store and have had some good finds. Here are a few.

Vintage twin sheets for Renata's bed. We are just now in the process of making a boys' room and a girls' room. I wanted a blue and yellow girls room, but I've been given so much pink I just gave in to pink and yellow instead.

My friend Laurie got me planting wheatgrass as a decoration and the had these fun clay cows so I put one in my grass. It grows over the cow everyday.

I got a loveseat and a couch cover for $13 and they are really nice ones. The couch one is a wrinkly mess in the picture but is really nice. It has double pinstripes in cream velour on it.

I also hit a .25 children's book sale and got a few nice ones like Bedtime for Frances.

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Moriah Barach said...

Thanks for posting your finds. I love to see what others come across when they're out on the hunt. ;-) I also just found some vintage sheeting for Aletheia's room. It's white, pink & yellow.