Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It has been busy around here. My husband is working on a new business, my in-laws lost power for a week and are staying with us, George is pulling up already, and I started planting my garden.
Having my in-laws has been really nice . I get extra eyes and hands and great food. George is a pulling up maniac. He is so different from my other two it's strange for me. He hates being penned and loves roaming and getting into everything. He's a booger, a very cute booger. It's nice that grandma and grandpa are around to help right when he's transitioning into this stage.

My garden is halfway planted. It is very exciting to see my little seeds have turned into little plants that are now nicely arranged in my nice weedless plots. The pictures will not do them justice. This is the best time in gardening - no weeds, no pests, no problems.......yet. I really love gardening. My father- in- law keeps mocking me because I keep going outside and potting and repotting and rearranging my plants. He just doesn't understand.

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