Friday, April 6, 2007

Everything's a Bloomin'

Despite the cold snap that is upon us and delaying the planting of my garden (grumble grumble) it sure is pretty around here. Everything is blooming and the people who lived in this house before us liked flowers. We have 3 dogwood trees blooming in the yard and tulips . Amyrillis and pheonies on the side of the house are getting their buds. And hopefully the iris and daylilly beds will come back after being mowed.Very exciting. It's fun to walk in the back yard and cut flowers for the house and I didn't even do anything to get them. I love this bulb business. I never got to experience it in Florida. By the way, Joffre has mowed since these pictures so no harassing about the gigantic weeds.


kendra said...

That's awesome. How exciting! Your house looks super-cool. Portland had daffodils and tulips everywhere... I was starting to think there's a city ordinance that homes in the city must plant either daffodils or tulips, or flowering trees... or all three. They were seriously EVERYWHERE, putting smiles on my face without making my eyes water from allergies (really, no allergies in Portland. AMAZING!) Did I mention I'm in love with Portland?

Kimberly said...

I somehow got the impression, K-dawg. I've been there and it is pretty cool.The only thing that was rough was that we went during gay and lesbian week. I've never seen so many triangles and rainbows.