Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kipper is the Coolest

So my Hubby is away and the kids and I are watching lots of Kipper. Kipper is the coolest. The show is based on books written and illustrated by Mike Inkpen (I know, the name is a little too perfect). He does the animation for the show too, I think. The illustrations are wonderful but the content is great too. The show is British and, there is a lot of slow moving time in the show that is so like kids. For instance, Kipper and his friend Tiger sit under a tree slurping on juice boxes for a full 2 minute before someone talks. Kipper makes you really enjoys lots of little things. I have to remember to go do my housework when it is on instead of watching the show.


Alaina said...

I've seen some of these before, too, when babysitting for another family. They're very cute! I should try them out on Alexander.

Lauren said...

Because of this post, I ordered Kipper on Blockbuster Online. Miles, Henry, and I are big fans. I hope to find some DVDs to purchase since Miles asks to watch Kipper everyday now.

Thanks for the tip.