Monday, April 9, 2007

Mahar Drygoods

I've been checking out some paint-a-day blogs and craft sites lately. I've decided I'm very tired of paintings of onions and handmade stuffed animals (especially ducks for some reason.) I went to this website of handcrafted stuff today and saw a couple really cool things. The website is Mahar Drygoods. Here are some pictures of my favorites. Beware of the prices; they're rough.

P.S. Look at the wave closely. It is not the old favorite you might be expecting. (I wish I'd seen it in time for Easter.)


kendra said...

what fun! although, I must admit I was terribly confused by the ice-skate baby shoes... I mean, a kid couldn't very well stand with them, so they must not be safe... THEN, a day later, looking back on it, I saw that it was for ages 0-6mo. And it clicked "Ohhh! Babies can't WALK!"

yeah. i'm just that smart.

i definitely wish I could be such an awesome crocheter. Something to aspire to, indeed!

Kimberly said...

I had the same reaction to those shoes!