Friday, April 13, 2007

Delicious Blood

WARNING: K-dawg, don't read this.

Tonight at dinner Renata asked Joffre about the red stuff coming out of the steak we were eating. So Joffre tells her it is cow meat and cows have blood just like us and we eat them and some of their blood. Then he says "Mmmm..delicious blood." I respectfully roll my eyes and clear the dishes.

So we move on to dessert which is root beer floats. Joffre Jr isn't very good at eating ice cream so he is slurpping the float down very loudly with his spoon.

Renata points to the plate the meat was on and says, "Is that the blood, Mommy?".

"Yes, Renata. Eat your float." (I, for one, am sick of this conversation while eating, especially dessert.)

Joffre Jr slurps his float very loudly and says, "Mmmmm...delicious blood (slurrrp)... mmmmm."


kendra said...

you're funny, girl. why am i not supposed to read this? you do remember i eat meat, right? (or maybe it's because your story includes cute children and i'm afraid of cute children? that makes more sense, probably.)

Kimberly said...

I thought you avoided red meat.Your last post really needed a warning - super gross.

kendra said...

I avoided red meat for a long time, but then somewhere along the way (when y'all still lived in Gville) I felt convicted to eat whatever was served when I was at other peoples' homes and not make them have to make something different for me, so I started eating red meat then. Now I'll actually order a burger from time to time (and I'll even make chili with meat in it), although I try not to eat it all the time.