Friday, June 17, 2011

Hail Damage

 Squash before the storm.
Squash after the storm.

 Tomatoes down. They are all leaning in weird directions now.

My snapped blueberry bush. I am going to try to propagate it now.

We had a rough storm the other day and it was a bit rough on my garden. Thankful I had only one serious casualty. I lost a blueberry bush. sniff sniff. My poor squash and swiss chard are quite holey now.I took pictures the day before and it makes an interesting before and after photo .And after the storm I saw my first zinnia bloom.

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Cayla Dupont said...

Aww, it’s sad to see what storm Hail did to your plants. It’s a pity, especially for your blueberry bush. Anyway, you can make a cover for them. You can use inexpensive materials such as a bird net or a shade cloth.

Cayla Dupont