Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Butter and Spies


Ward has been a bit devious lately. I found out that for  a few days he has been drawing on the walls and furniture in his room during nap time. When I had my first child this was caught right away but by the fourth it took a week for me to see it and it was a lot more drawing. Sigh, I am getting rusty.

Then other day I walked into the kitchen and saw a very guilty looking Ward looking at me. I knew something was up and asked him, "What are you doing Ward." His response, " Oh, I just eating peanut butter, Mom."
( He calls butter "peanut butter" right now.) And you see the above picture of the results of his "snack." 

In the midst of being a booger he said something yesterday that made me forgive it all.

Renata ran by and said, "I'm spying Mom, shhh." She ran to a doorway and leaned out cautiously to see if the coast was clear and then ran into the next room. (She LOVES Nancy Drew books right now and wants to be a detective.) 

George came in behind her sucking his thumb with a backpack on his back. "I'm spying with Renata, Mom. This is my spy pack!" ( He is more interested in the spy gear.) And away he went to follow Renata.

Lastly Ward comes running in and says," I spicy, Mom! I spicy!" and runs off after his siblings.

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Faydra said...

This made me chuckle - love the "I spicy" decree!