Monday, June 6, 2011

The Bad Day

So I had one of those bad days that leaves you not upset as much as curious. Why did everything I try to do today go wrong, God? It was weird.

It was when I tried to finish some of my unfinished projects. I went to screw in the threshold to the floor of where I was going to hang my chalkboard door and couldn't get the screws all the way down and the stripped the screw and couldn't get it out. Nothing like a screw sticking out an inch above the ground in the middle of a doorway. Joffre managed to hammer it in with brute force and I was so relieved. I thought I hope the door will be easy to screw into the door jamb.   Well when he brought it in I realized the door was way too small and I had measured it wrong. So no chalkboard door for awhile.

Then I decided I need to get going on painting the bathroom. So we went to get the paint at Lowes and I got the wrong white! AAAAAAARRGghh. I reconciled myself to it and came up with a plan involving 3 different colors in the bathroom. I got to work painting the ceiling only to see this weird fuzz all over the ceiling. It was the fuzz from the too cheap rollers I bought!  Then I realized the joint I drywalled looked really bad in one spot and I was going to have to sand and redo that one area.

I knew better with all these things it was all my errors. That is what bugs me the most. I decided I needed to sit down and read a fun book and not touch anything for few days. That's what I did. I hope this week goes better.

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