Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tia Ana

This weekend my friend Ana (top picture) came to visit us and we had a great time , got her sick, and we're sending her home now. She is a landscape architect that I'm hoping to relocate to Greenville. We went downtown and she was impressed with the landscape by the waterfall . It is really beautifully designed. I'm hoping it was enough to entice her to live near us.

We also went to the NC Arboretum which was really nifty. The Bonsai were super cool. They also had beds of pansies laid out as a quilt pattern. I was thinking it would be fun to design paintings with flowers and such like Arcrimboldo (left picture), but not so grotesque.

We also went to downtown Ashville and got to see some of the paintings (right picture) that I recently blogged about. They were really nice and really small.

This is sounding really rambly and sleepy so I'm going to bed now.

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