Monday, March 19, 2007


Renata doing the "Patty Cake Polka" with Daddy.

We just got back from a family conference at our mother church in Cary, NC. We stayed with the Renches and got to see Kat and Uriah Gunn and Abra and Ben Carnahan. We had a really great time. Renata danced with River Sumpter and Daddy at her first ball. I found out George does not sleep well away from home. Joffre Jr. charmed all the Rench girls and got hugs hourly. He also decided to draw with a crayon on one of the church pews at the exact moment Matt Whitling (the speaker) was speaking about discipline and much to everyone's delight could be heard crying in the back as he got a spanking. We learned some great things at the conference.

As we sat at the table at home eating dinner and drinking beer Joffre held up his glass and had Renata say "cheers" and clink glasses with him. So Joffre Jr. turned to me and said, "Cheer me, Mom. Cheer me." So dang cute.


Alaina said...

Very cute! Sounds like a fun time. We'd like to get up some kind of family conference at our church in the next year or two. Maybe we should include a ball too!

Kat said...

Kim we LOVED having you guys here! Check out my blog and see the pics -you're ALWAYS welcome here. Keep in touch!!!