Tuesday, March 6, 2007


It has been fun to see what pops out of the ground at our new house. The people before us liked gardening. We have plum trees and a fig tree, iris and daylilly beds and amyrillis. My front walk is a surprise . We had a bunch of daffodils come out already and I think tulips are coming up now. Fun times. I picked a couple of daffodils last time we were out and let Joffre and Renata pick one each for our neighbor, but the next time we went out I blinked for a second and Renata had picked all the other flowers. So our front walk is bare now but we have a nice bunch on our table.


Lauren said...

Oh, that is like a gift from the previous owners to you. How lovely!
I'm jealous of your fig tree. Figs are enchanting to me. I love them.

Alaina said...

You make me wish it were spring here too! I love daffodils and tulips! We have some ambitious landscaping plans for this spring. Our house is owned by Rich's grandparents (they lived in it for 50+ years before having to move into assisted living); we're planning to buy it as soon as they're ready to sell! But anyway, the lawn is all dead after a very dry summer last year, so we're going to till it up and lay down sod or grass seed. We also want to lay a cement patio and fence in part of the yard so the children can run around without constant supervision. And I want to plant some perennials and a vegetable garden! Whew! We'll see how much we can actually do, I guess. But these are our little dreams for beautifying our yard and taking dominion!