Wednesday, March 21, 2007

27 Stitches

I've been officially initiated as the mother of a boy. My son fell off the top of a slide and cut his lower lip/upper chin open quite badly. I was relieved he was concious and crying. We went to the doctor who immediately said he would have to go to get plastic surgery. Next thing I know my son is being put under and getting 27 stitches on his chin. Man, it all happened so fast.

Joffre and I woke up the next day incredibly sore from being so tense. Man it was rough seeing someone so little go through that. My baby, George, is much more active and mischevious than Joffre ever was. I don't think I'm going to like what he puts me through. I want more girls from now on.

Joffre Jr. is doing really well. He has a very fat lip. His new favorite word is delicious which looks and sounds really funny with a big fat lip.

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Alaina said...

So glad he's ok! I'm afraid of something like that happening to one of my kids. I'm glad I haven't been initiated yet, but it's probably inevitable.