Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Painting A Day

I was checking out a website of 15 artist who paint a painting a day. I was very jealous that they can do this and have the discipline to do it. I found an artist with some amazing work. She paints mostly people looking at artworks but her still lives are fantastic too. I've posted one but here is her blog too. She only started painting in 2004. She is incredibly prolific. The pieces of people in galleries are from photographs. (This surprised me because the look very fresh.) She sells a lot of her stuff on ebay. Feel free to buy me one.


Lauren said...

These are the nicest painting-a-day works that I have seen.
I wonder if this fad of painting a quicky every day is counterproductive. I hope that people doing this will still have the focus and energy to finish larger more demanding paintings.

Kimberly said...

I was surprised and disappointed to see how small they were. They would be really great large. That is a good point. I'm sure it helps their skill on one level, but are they making it a painting law that can't be broken and ruining their attention span?

Lauren said...

I think Richard Schmid spearheaded this painting-a-day fad with his book Alla Prima. I really enjoy his paintings, but the thing that keeps me from loving him is his lack of fully developed concepts. He is all technique.