Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potty Training Time

Sigh, yep, it's potty training time. Ward is learning to go potty and we give him M and Ms if he goes on the potty. So this morning he started to really get the point but wanted confirmation, "I get M and M if I got on potty, right Mom, right? " Right, Ward.

So he goes a tiny bit on the potty. I give him M and Ms ( I'll up the ante later.).He goes into the living room and announces his achievement and gets a round of applause from his brothers and sister. (Potty training is a family affair in our house.) 5 minutes later- "I get m and Ms if I go on the potty, right Mom, right?" Yes, Ward.

He goes a little bit on the potty. I give him M and Ms. 5 minutes get the point. This cycle happened about 4 times. Talk about pee control! Then during breakfast, "Oh no Mom, I pee pee in my diaper!" Of course it was a full on pee not these tiny pees he was doing for M and Ms and applause.

Groan. We'll get there. So dang cute.

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