Saturday, February 5, 2011


We pulled out this geography game, Where in the World, and wiped the dust off it. It is from when my husband was homeschooled. Joffre played just the S. America (still the same) portion with the kids, and Joffre Jr. learned all the countries only playing twice. Even George was getting them. We got Joffre Jr.( he really loves games right now) the updated version for his birthday next week. It even has the languages, major exports and imports, reigon flags etc.. information in the game. You can play a bunch of different games according to the level of your child with it.  This along with Kathy Troxel's Geography Songs are my Geography curriculum right now.
I also found these kid's art books by Bob Raczka recently and LOVE them. He has a bunch of them and I was bummed because the library didn't have the one I really wanted to see but these are great. One, Unlikely Pairs, is just a fun book of pairs of famous works put together to make something fun. For example, one is a statue of an archer pointing toward a target painting by Jasper Johns. A great way for kids to get exposed to famous works and enjoy them.

The second one, Before They Were Famous, is a collection of biographies of 7 famous artist and includes some of their works from when they were children. Very fun and just the right amount of information for a child.

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