Monday, November 22, 2010

I Heart IKEA


So we went to IKEA to get bunkbeds for the boys . We have never been to an Ikea and it was super fun...for me ( Joffre is not so fond of crowds). First thing to know is that Ikeas are HUGE and crowded ( at least on a Saturday). You should go online and printout your shopping list before you go because it includes the aisle and bin number for your store and makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for. The other neat thing is that at the store there are sales that you can't get online. (Like the $9.00 (yes, nine dollars!) sofa cover I got that is regularly $149.00.)

Here is what we got except for a couple Christmas gifts I can't share but wish I could ( they have a great toy section):

Nice glass serving bowl for only $4. It's big. Not as thick as I'd like and I'm pretty sure one of us will break it within a year but it's nice.

 The bunkbeds. They are really nice and simple and sturdy $159.00. (We stored a boxspring under ours till we get another mattress for Ward.) The kids are pleased as punch about having these.

I love this paper roll for a tabletop ($ 6.99 + roll of paper for $5). They had wooden stand up easels with chalk board/ white board/ roll of paper for $15 too.

This was a big surprise and fun thing for me. They had fabric by the roll in decorator weight. I got this fabric for $2 a yard! I really like it, very Swedish farm house to me.They had other really neat stuff but more than I wanted to spend. (FYI most of the fabric looks much better in person than on the website). I want to make table cloths and napkins out of it . Wouldn't this be fun for Christmas too.

  Now this sofa cover was $9 but not what I wanted at all. I went to get a white, bright, light cover and I wasn't sure if these covers would fit my sofa at all.This one is so very dark denim and doesn't go with anything in my living room.  I decided to get the dark blue because it was so cheap and test it out. I doctored my sofa a little bit and it fit really well.

We had one of those one piece covers that is halfway on the floor when you have sat on it for 10 minutes. This one zips around the cushions. Heavenly. They even make each piece reversible so you can switch them when they start fading or get stains.

I haven't decided if I am going to change my decor to go with this sofa but it's growing on me and the fabric I bought matches it perfectly even though it wasn't my intention to use it for the living room. I was considering drawing leaves across the cushions with a bleach pen ( I've seen it done on napkins on Angry Chicken's blog) but it would take some courage. I'm sure I will be sharing all my ideas soon.

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Jennifer said...

Yay, IKEA! Great finds, Kim - I hope we can do some shopping together soon!