Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Death of a Chipmunk

My cat is killing the chipmunks that populate our yard. I suppose most homeowners would be thrilled to be rid of them because of the holes and uneven ground they make in the yard. I think it is super sad. I think chipmunks are adorable. Squirrels, moles, mice and definitely rats I would be fine with but not my cute little chipmunks. We have a ton of these guys in our yard and I love looking out the window of the kitchen while making breakfast and seeing them running about their business.

Anyway, the other day we found this little dead one lying so peacefully on the ground. I decided to draw it and paint it. It isn't often you get to draw an animal from life that is still so I took the opportunity. Joffre thought it was funny (especially because I am bummed the cat is killing them) so he took some pictures.
I had to fend off the cat so he wouldn't play with it, yuck!

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