Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun Talks

Here are some fun conversations I have heard lately.

1. Ward got in my lap last night and gave me a huge goofy (and I mean goofy grin) and said, "I cute, Mom. I cute."

2. Joffre Jr. said to me this morning. "Mom, I have hair all over me! My arms are covered with tiny hairs!"(He was very excited.)
 Me:  I know, Son. We all are covered with hair and when you get older you will have more."
Joffre Jr.:  So you have hairs on your arms and legs too?
Me:  Yes, but I shave the hair on my legs and under my arms. Men don't because that is what is normal for our culture.
Joffre Jr:  Why don't men shave? Do some men shave there legs?
Me:  Well... yes, some men do-swimmers because it makes them go faster in the water and leave it at swimmers.

3. I saw Ward run by in full Batman costume and not far behind was George yelling, (weird shooting noise) "Fire Teenager, Fire Teenager!" This is the new superhero he has made up for himself.

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