Friday, October 15, 2010

Raisins and Self Control

Today two of my children asked me to let them help make breakfast. I was making oatmeal and I don't let any of them help with the stove right now but I told them they could put their own honey and raisins on their oatmeal. I thought to myself, I hope this is not a bad idea. I was concerned about their self control with the sweet honey and raisins.

I finished cooking and handed them the honey and raisins saying, " Be moderate and don't be greedy." (Note: I did not let the two year do it on his own.)

Renata was first and had to be told to put on more and the others followed very carefully and so happily to be doing it themselves. It may seem silly to blog about but it was just a moment that I was just so proud at their self control and obedience.It's moments like that that make me happy as a mom.

Joffre Jr. also announced to us that only bees know the recipe for honey.

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