Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Nightmare of the Penguins

Last night Renata came into our room crying because she had a nightmare. I was hugging her and telling her it was ok when Joffre asked her what the nightmare was about. She said, "Well there was this war and you (Joffre) were going off to fight....and I was a baby penguin and you were a big penguin..." She continued to explain what happened but I (I am ashamed to admit) had to stifle some serious giggle urges. I just had an immediate image of a cute fluffy penguin with a rifle.

We have recently watched The March of the Penguins, the movie about emperor penguins. The movie is a great nature film about how the father penguin takes care of the egg all winter till the mom comes back in the spring. It shows some of the babies dying from exposure and being eaten by birds and seals. (I admit I had to close my eyes when the seagull killed the baby penguin slowly.)I think it might have tramatized poor Renata.

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