Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

So I almost peed in my pants when I found this Hermes scarf in the scarf bin at the thrift store. I barely look in the scarf bin but this caught my eye. It felt like the real deal and looked like it . So I bought it for $1.00 and started researching fakes and trying to see if it is authentic. Well, from all I read and saw it is the real deal and worth $200- 300.00. I will be content with what I get on ebay which will probably be $100-150. Very exciting. I saw these made during an art field trip in W. Palm Beach. They are hand printed and it is amazing to see how clean a print those printers can make as well as staying imaculate themselves ( I never was very good at staying clean during art projects.)
Found these boots to try to sell but they are one size bigger than Renata's size now so if they don't sell she will get them. They are fun.
And of course I got some books. I got one of my favorite kids books by Brian Jaques called Redwall Feast. He wrote the Redwall books about animals living in an abbey and fighting battles. I also got a nice ABC book with Walter Crane illustrations from the MET. And a super fun book about tracking animals footprints with this gnomeish looking guy. It's called Crinkleroot's Book of Animal Tracking. watch out otters here we come. The were all a quarter each. i love to get nice ones for baby showers and kid's birthday parties.

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Jen said...

Wow awesome finds! Congrats! That scarf is amazing...