Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Norman Rockwell

I have been hit with my bimonthly longing to paint some more. I was reading about Norman Rockwell when the urge hit me. He was a great guy. His work ethic was fantastic and he lived a plain old nice life. The entire town he lived in posed for his paintings and another illustator in the same town. This other illustrator and Rockwell and their wives would go over each other's paintings together when problems arose. I love to see community and story. Rockwell says he was a story teller. I love painter story tellers. He even went to Paris to study modernism and gave it a try only to realize he was not being himself but trying to make it into a museum. I know some of his work is overly sentimental but so about the happy in life. He had such a following at the Saturday Evening Post that he had to be guarded for awhile.

So I took out some charcoal and a sketchbook , placed the charcoal to the pad , and then was accosted by a crying baby. Yep. Not a good time. Baby wanted me to put his hat on him a few more times before bed. How can you refuse that? After that other bedtime rituals took a long time and the long and short of it is I just need to wait....patiently.


the girl fink said...

you need to leave a sketch pad in every room and do quick gesture drawings of your children. it will get you drawing again, but also make you notice little things about your kids...do it do it!

sonofswait said...

I have done that a little recently. That was what I was trying to do with Ward till he ran up to me and bit my knee. I really do need to try some more.

Kimberly said...

That was me not Joffre. I didn't realize he was signed in.