Wednesday, September 2, 2009

75 Degrees

It has been Beautiful outside! We have had cool, sunny and breezy days the past 3 days. Today was the best. So wonderful.

I have been line drying my laundry and actually enjoying it just because it takes me outside. Plus I think it looks so pretty to see clothes hung on the line.

I am going to try to not use the dryer this month except for underwear and socks and Joffre's work clothes. His clothes are being dryed so I don't have to iron his pants. No rolling your eyes until you have ironed a 6'9" man's pants. It is a pain! It doesn't help that I don't like to iron either.

Weather really affects my mood. I am dreading winter but loving fall.. ( I still don't know how you do it, Alaina. For those of you not in the loop, Alaina lives in Minnesota. Where it is so very cold for so very long! ) Good weather makes me so productive. I want to sew, paint, plant, and cook like crazy today. Hopefully I will actually get the time to do some of that and blog about it tomorrow.

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the girl fink said...

i am super impressed that you hang your clothes on the line...i have a hard time getting mine from the washer to the dryer, so sometimes i have to re-wash things because i forgot about them for a day or two.