Friday, May 18, 2012

An Update on My Life

Whew!We've been having a lot going on lately. We had company all last month. Which was good and bad. Good because we got too see a bunch of fun relatives. Bad because Joffre's Grandmother broke her hip while here. It was really nice to get to be with her for a long time but obviously not under the best circumstances. I got sick in the middle of that time, planned a ball and tried to finish the new wall in my house.

This month I got sick again with strep throat. Went on antibiotics and got better. Then it was Mother's Day and our Anniversary on the same day. So Joffre came home and said we would celebrate all weekend. He came home Friday night with groceries and a new kitten. The kitten was not part of the plan but my 6'9", 300 lbs husband is susceptible to people with boxes of free kittens at the grocery. Sweet. Then he made dinner, took me out the next day to Lowe's, bought me a bunch of plants (including a pomegranate!), and took me out to dinner. Super nice. Next day we went to church, ate a great meal and then started throwing up.

Yep, We got sick again!! with a nasty rotovirus type thing. All of us puking. AAArgh. So earlier this week all of were down but we have risen again. Now we are pulling ourselves back together to enjoy a visit from my mom next week. Here's hoping for a boring June.

 Meet Pepper, the kitten.
 My new pomegranate. I hope it can last the winter! I got a bunch of other new plants (including a cherry tree) but I will wait to post later about those.

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Meagan said...

Kim, great to hear your exuberant take on real life ( and boy do I mean real when puking is involved!). Looks like you got some sanctification via a pet-- but not a dog (yet).
Hope you all are well, spiritually and physically. Hope we get to see you again before six years! Please tell all the kiddies helloooooo from the Mitchell Fam