Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cats and Baby Birds

For a few years now a robin has made a nest above our backdoor on the light there. I haven't noticed much except the birds always fly off the nest when we open the door. This year it was traumatic to find fledging robins hopping on the ground while my favorite cat stalked them from a few feet away. I decided to keep my cat inside for a few days while these baby birds hopped away. Except that proved very difficult. The cat was obnoxiously meowing and running to the door every time we opened. it. So I let her out. I came home to find her playing with one of the live robin fledglings on our porch so we could see her "catch".

I freaked out. Joffre's advice was "close your eyes and walk through the door".  I couldn't do it. So I put it way out  on the other side of the fence in our yard. I went to check on it and found that it wasn't attacked by the cat. It had just hopped into the middle of the road! I moved it into the field across the street where something else will eat it and did not look for it again. I was determined not to mettle any longer....till today.

I saw June ( the favorite cat) carrying a baby Blue Jay in her mouth to the backyard to play with it. AAArgh! The mom Jay was dive bombing her the whole time but she had that bird. So yes, I rescued it. This time I immediately took it to the field across the street and only checked on it once. It was a lot cuter than the robins. It had a fuzzy head that started to have that finlike point on top and it's pretty blue feathers where coming in... but I will not check on it again. Spring is getting stressful with the cats.

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